Tolerances in aluminium windows.

By Bogdan Grebenyuk, Product Manager at Thermevo
on June 06, 2018
"The best things that capture your imagination are ones you hadn't thought of before and that aren't talked about in the news all the time." Steve Wozniak
New year, new laws

From January 1, the new version of EnEV2014, the German law on energy saving, came into effect. It is the next and logical step towards the fulfillment of the requirements of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), which provides for the construction of the "nearly-zero energy" buildings, starting from 2021 (from 2019 - for administrative buildings). In the view of experience, systematic improvement of energy efficiency of buildings the most interesting aspects are the following. The calculated primary energy consumption for buildings is now 25% less. The law also provides for the reduction of transmission losses in new buildings. So now the external heat loss (walls, windows, leaks, etc.) should be 20% less. It implies additional insulation for the building envelopes and air permeability reduction. It will change requirements for the transfer coefficients. Perhaps this will induce the emergence of new insulation materials.

More information on EnEV-Online

MyHeat Monitor

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, last year was the record for renewable energy as an investment and indicators built capacity in the wind and solar energy.

MyHeat program launched as a pilot by Calgary researchers gives us hope that the results may follow sooner than we are expecting.

The program exposing heat leaks in homes – and revealing if they need to cover up. MyHeat is supposed to help residents save on utility bills and help decrease their environmental footprint. Building owner or resident can see the heat map of the house - which windows and walls are the most heat escaping, and where cold spots can exist in the home.

The software uses proprietary Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis (GEOBIA) methods to detect, map and monitor the invisible waste heat escaping buildings.

It does not supersede the professional audit, but it's very likely that the program that simple to gauge the efficiency of a building.

More about MyHeat


Retrofitting insulation, this year trending topic, seems to have its development in the field of new eco-friendly materials.

VIP4ALL is going to commercialise their all-natural insulation panels for low budget renovation and retrofitting projects.

The panels recognised for their thermal insulation properties (achieving lambda value 7 mW/mK) have the significant advantage of conventional air-filled insulation panels - they are less than one-third thiсk. Besides, they offer outstanding fire resistance, which is vital for building application acceptance.

Now the project team is designing vacuum insulation panels with a new thin exterior encapsulating face layer made of cork. This layer makes the panels much more user-friendly concerning handling during stock, transportation and on-site installation.

Probably, this will not change the market disposition in the insulation of buildings, but it is the quite promising realization of eco-trend.

More information is available on VIP4ALL website

KPI 2020

We can't avoid mentioning World Economy Forum. Not rare but still astonishing fact is that the most discussed topics are out of the general line. So we can see. Last month trending discussion were future most desirable skills. It looks like professional interactions will be focused on communication comfort and service approach rather than finding needs and desires of a particular customer. It is not wholly unexpected - even nowadays big data services predictions are often more accurate in results than professionals in their conclusions. Emotional intelligence and cognitive flexibility will replace active listening skills. Negotiation skills and coordinating with others will still be on the list but will lose several points for creativity.

Well, we'll see. Though from the perspective it seems a bit optimistic.

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