Polyamide insulation profiles. To be or not to be!

By Bogdan Grebenyuk, Product Manager at Thermevo
on Nov 09, 2017
After many a long discussion about THERMEVO Flixo Cloud that is used for U (f) and U(w) calculations (we at Thermevo are working to expand its capabilities to calculate U (m) as well) we all came to a conclusion: the market is in dire need of NEW materials, and not just an upgraded material (read polyamide insulation strips with a better lambda value), but something that will shake the market up at its core. It all starts with aluminium features and its performance (behavior). Now we all love aluminium for a multitude of reasons some of which are longevity, the fact that you can recycle it and its fire resistance (just to name a few) ... so why is it that we still use plastic materials with all those old features that most of us absolutely despise (linear expansion coefficient, shrinkage and hygroscopicity, coating problems... the list could go on and on…).

I am but a glorified (yet industry experienced) sales guy, yet I always try to do my best where I can, when it comes to advancing and enhancing our products. So here is our objective, that I will (with our R&D team) try to achieve in the next 2 years - develop a new THERMEVO strip (or a different thermal break solution) with the following features: 1) linear expansion coefficient equal to that of aluminium 2) hygroscopicity – non-existent or at least minimal 3) does not cause problems during powder coating. Sure, it looks like a long shot, but that will hardly stop us from trying. I am sure that the people I have met are not the only ones looking for that Holy Grail, so what do you think about it?

I have created a little survey that you can find bellow. Share your viewpoint and contact me with your ideas.
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