How to Improve Energy Efficiency of Your Home?

By Bogdan Grebenyuk, Product Manager at Thermevo
on July 13, 2018
Thermal performance of window systems relates directly to the frame, because this component is equally important in most windows and doors.
The frame material causes a great effect on energy saving performance of the whole system, even if it's double-glazed. Also it should be mentioned that thermal insulation of the ceiling or walls also may have a great influence on energy efficiency. Known fact, the aluminium is a great conductor of heat and cold. It means that, using it as a window frame will make a homeowner to lose a lot of precious heat through windows in winter and also gain unnecessary sun during summer.

Such conditions can easily undermine the effect of double-glazed windows. It means that additional thermal break system is required. Special technologies with polyamide thermal break profiles would be handy here. Integrating such profile into a window frame will greatly increase its thermal performance all year round and will also make windows less likely to conduct noise. Besides, all sections can be anodized or powdercoated with durable coating and finishing, protecting frameworks from UV damage and salt corrosion.

Here we present short list of benefits brought by thermal broken windows:

1. Lesser noise and heat conduction
2. Flame retardant
3. Additional security
4. Easy maintenance
5. Durable

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