BAU Fair Munich 2017 - booth report. Day 5. - 20/01/2016. Are different markets really that different?
By Bogdan Grebenyuk, Product Manager at Thermevo
on May 25, 2017
Markets are changing - even in the construction industry.
At first glance, it may seem as though construction industry requirements differ greatly from one region to another - after all, a house in Scandinavia must meet completely different needs than a house in the Middle East, for example. But are markets really that different?

The certain regional differences in house construction come about because of cultural reasons, but also due to structural concerns, too. From a very basic point of view, however, there are significantly more similarities than differences. The globalised economy has ensured that cost-effective construction work is required everywhere: noone can afford to waste time or money. Climate change - and the associated need to design buildings for greater energy efficiency - also constitutes a global phenomenon. This is something which THERMEVO wants to raise awareness of.
With our software, THERMEVO Flixo Cloud, U-value calculations can be carried out with only minimal effort. This allows companies to thermally optimise their building components regardless of their location. In addition, working with Thermevo Flixo Cloud is very cost-effective because different designs can be modelled and compared in no time, without the need for prototypes or sample materials. In such a manner, Thermevo helps to solve the challenges of a globalised world in which markets are increasingly merging.

Come to us at stand 306J, Hall B0 in BAU Munich 2017 and tell us about your market, and we will show you how we can work together.
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