By Bogdan Grebenyuk, Product Manager at Thermevo
on July 11, 2018
Both if your client is willing to install brand new window systems or just to refresh the existing ones, aluminium is a good choice for him as a homeowner. It will not only give the place a new look but also provide a construction of the high durability. Besides, aluminium frames cause increasing default security measurements in the building. Apart from that, aluminium windows may also reduce power consumption by using polyamide thermal break profiles. High-quality aluminium windows equipped with polyamide thermal break can block sun's heat during summer days, keeping home temperature cool, while in winter, they provide more efficient use of expensive heat energy by blocking outer breeze air.

So here are Top 6 Reasons, Why Choosing Aluminium Window Systems Is Worthy.

1. Slim lines - Today modern window design looks for getting something more slim and sleek and aluminium meets all the requirements. Slim metal window casings can reveal all the beauty of building both inside and outside. Besides, aluminium also provides flexibility of shape and forms, that's why it's becoming a popular choice among many other options available on the market.

2. Lots of design options – Everybody has its own taste, preference and want their homes to look unique and different. Using aluminium window profiles makes all the different types and shapes of window systems available. Both panoramic frames and ultra-thin designs and many others.

3. Eco-friendly – Compared to other choices aluminium windows are friendly to surrounding environment and are totally worth integrating for reaching a natural effect. Aluminium is a fully recyclable material and this process doesn't take much efforts or energy.

4. Easy maintaining – People don't want to replace their previous windows with some heavy and tough frames that require constant maintenance. With aluminium windows only minimal efforts needed to maintain construction clean durable and new-looking. Regular home cleaning chores are definitely enough for reaching such effect.

5. Brilliant finish – Aluminium casings are fully paintable, that's why such windows can easily gain a new look by adding new colors and changing the whole tone of the place. Aluminium makes possible reaching a huge variety of tints including natural ones and metal shades.

6. Energy efficiency – As it's been told before using a thermal break in aluminium frameworks will significantly reduce its owner's utility bills in winter and keep his place cool during summer.

From all the benefits mentioned above, it becomes obvious that aluminium windows are something that can augment the whole building by leaps and bounds. And the only difference between them is style, shape and finishing.

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