We fell in love with thermal breaks back in 1989 and then, in 2015 we learned how to simplify the procurement procedure for all of our clients which led to a decision inside the company to continue innovating and finding new ways to help our clients and new materials to improve their aluminium systems.

Thus after three years of nurture and care, Thermevo has flourished thanks to our team.
Thus after three years of nurture and care provided by our team, Thermevo has flourished.

Introducing new online calculation and optimization tools, new insulation opportunities and an innovative procurement process we change the market and consequently the World by making it more energy-efficient
Sergey Tosunyan
Alan Gunko
International Sales Representative
Andreas Georgakis
International Sales Representative
Francesco Lannucci
Technical Sales, team Italy
Angelo Notarnicola
Sales, Team Italy
Bogdan Grebenyuk
Product Manager
Igor Dubiy
Recursionist, uberCad developer
Vladimir Scherbyna
JavaScript, uberCad Developer
Demyan Gavdun
ERP developer
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