The future is now. Thermevo.

By Bogdan Grebenyuk, Product Manager at Thermevo
on June 12, 2018
These mental planning processes can be seen in almost all spheres of human activity. In fact, this is what distinguishes us from animals.
In issues like ecology where failure is crucial to all human being, predicting the future is the main working process. Predicting practically means to see the consequences of today's actions. If the consequences are harmful, people search for solutions to avoid them.

Nowadays the Earth needs creative solutions that will work for long-term purposes - the so-called Green solutions. And what is the most powerful tool most of us have? The Internet! The internet is our common sense or the most powerful tool an individual has. We used to have some shops close to our homes, now we have an opportunity to purchase any good in the world. We used to have our neighbors colleagues and some friends, now we have every acquainted person in our social network and access to almost every person in the world. Can you feel the difference?
The further we go the more technologies we invent. The Internet allows us to solve a lot of problems, simplify difficult processes and customize our choices. They say that in 2019 if your business is not represented online you have no business. Slowly step by step everything is moving online.

You get an additional discount if you order something online instead of doing it per phone or physically. Prices in the physical stores are in most cases higher and the choices smaller than in stores online. Additional online tools come in handy when it comes to products that require customization for optimization.
For example, a well-known furniture store has a user-friendly online kitchen planning tool on their website. And please do agree that it is much easier to plan and optimize your kitchen visually in a quiet and homely atmosphere.
The point is that online tools are making our lives easier and better. They "connect the dots" - create a synergetic effect of combining processes such as production, optimisation, customization, delivery, visualisation, legal support billing and other.

A great example of such a synergy is It introduces new ways to simplify and optimize complex and time-consuming processes in the sphere of thermal insulation. The issue of thermal insulation nowadays is becoming crucial due to the ecological state of the Earth. Thermal insulation requires new creative projects to increase the thermal resistance of facades decreasing the energy consumption of buildings. Thermevo is one of such projects.
It is a human duty to support green projects and that is why Thermevo deserves attention.

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